Our Ambition

Our ambition is to pave the way for a competitive European biomanufacturing sector with the steadfast support of the European Commission and Member States.

We’re dedicated to fortifying Europe’s global standing in biomanufacturing, seamlessly integrating diverse players into transnational value chains.

Our Concept

This dynamic digital platform serves as a comprehensive reference point for stakeholders spanning the entire value chain. From research and development to advanced therapies, clinical validation, bioproduction, and market access—our platform unites diverse bioproduction ecosystems.

Our key objectives

Strengthening European industrial bioproduction capacities.

Simplifying access to both public and private fundings.

Amplifying the industrialization and production of biomedicines within Europe.

Strenghten investments in industrial process and technology development.

Accelerating research and innovation for groundbreaking treatments.

Addressing competency gaps by nurturing skills, attracting talents, and retaining experts.

Elevating productivity through enhanced innovation yields and reduced production costs.

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    an exhaustive overview of the European bioproduction landscape and value chain.

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    your organization on the European bioproduction Value Chain, develop your organization profile and be visible to other players.

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    on the latest news, trends and opportunities provided by a deep web automatic monitoring tool.

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    awith different partners to interact and access prime development prospects.

Interested ?

Join COBIOE in shaping the future of bioproduction, as we connect, collaborate, and catalyze innovation across the biopharmaceutical deeptech sector. Together, we are rewriting possibilities and propelling Europe to the forefront of biomanufacturing excellence.

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