Press Release – the COBIOE project consortium open an interconnection platform for the European biomanufacturing sector

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Cobioe platform

Launched officially in March 2023, the COBIOE project aims to build a shared and inclusive strategy for strengthening and interconnecting Europe’s healthcare biomanufacturing sector. A part of the Horizon Europe program’s European Innovation Ecosystems theme and coordinated by Genopole, the 24-month project is initiating the first step of its Europe-wide interconnection platform for biomanufacturing professionals.

Évry-Courcouronnes, 20 February 2024 – Genopole, France’s leading biocluster in genetics research and biotechnologies for health and the environment, is coordinating the European project COBIOE (growing COnnection for BIO Ecosystems) and, alongside the other consortium members, launching the first step of the project’s interconnection platform for Europe’s health biomanufacturing sector.

The biomanufacture of medications arising from life sciences and technologies creates a potential for safe, reliable and efficacious treatments for numerous pathologies such as cancers, chronic illnesses and rare diseases, while also greatly reducing the environmental impact of drug production.
The COBIOE project seeks to create a European dynamic aimed at strengthening the development of innovative biodrugs and biotherapies, increasing production capacities for them and accelerating their commercialization. In so doing, it furthermore hopes to guarantee European sovereignty for biomanufacturing. COBIOE aligns with the ambition of the EU’s Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on Health, a large effort also looking to structure the sector across Europe.

A first step completed toward a digital community platform for the European biomanufacturing sector

An objective of COBIOE’s interconnection platform is to map the entirety of European actors in biomanufacturing. The first phase being active as of January 2024, sector actors are invited to join the platform, place themselves within the biomanufacturing value chain (training, R&D, industrialization of processes or production) and thus make themselves visible to potential partners. The COBIOE project’s goal is to cover 90% of European actors in biomanufacturing. Additionally, those registered on the platform will benefit from an effective and tailorable economic monitoring system providing information on the latest biomanufacturing news and tendencies in their specific fields of interest.

A second phase, currently being developed, will provide a “community” function to enable exchanges between the actors, participation in work groups and the initiation of novel partnerships.

Building a shared European strategy for biomanufacturing

To ensure European sovereignty in access to innovative treatments, COBIOE intends to contribute to overcoming the numerous challenges in biomanufacturing. Easing partnerships among the sector’s actors to address such needs as increasing bioproduction capacities in Europe, accelerating R&D or providing workforce training for new competencies will also heighten the sector’s visibility among public and private investors.

Under Genopole‘s coordination, COBIOE is made possible by the participation of pioneering health innovation clusters and networks representing all corners of Europe:

  • CEBR, a European network of regional clusters and ecosystems in life sciences,
  • EIT Health France, a community of knowledge and innovation established by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology,
  • Health Cluster Portugal, an association of life sciences clusters in the Portuguese Republic,
  • ScanBalt, a metacluster of health institutions and actors in Baltic Sea countries.

The COBIOE project in brief:

To achieve its mission of strengthening Europe’s global leadership in biomanufacturing, COBIOE enables border- blind relations and exchanges between the sector’s stakeholders. The project is built upon four pillars:

  • An overview of the state of the art: explore the biomanufacturing panorama.
  • Connection and partnerships: ease collaboration for business, competencies, research and innovation.
  • Promotion of biomanufacturing: heighten knowledge of biomanufacturing among political decision makers and the public.
  • Promotion of the ecosystem: illustrate the potential of biomanufacturing in green, digital, and socio-economic transitions.

Duration: 24 months (launched in March 2023)
Consortium: Genopole (coordinator), CEBR, Health Cluster Portugal, EIT Health, ScanBalt

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