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Interconnect innovation ecosystems, share competences, information and opportunities in the biopharmaceutical deeptech sector.

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What is COBIOE ?

COBIOE is a European funded project to interconnect innovation ecosystems to foster 4.0 industrial transition in the biopharmaceutical deeptech sector, sharing competences, information and opportunities, with the aim of ultimately converging toward a common and inclusive European strategy for bioproduction support.

Specifically, the proposition is focused on the bioproduction sector that includes development of small molecules, biologics, drugs, innovative therapeutics (such as gene and cellular therapies), high technology drugs based on cell and molecular biology, and covers various applications in health (oncology, immunology, virology, rare diseases, etc…).

Bioproduction value chain

To structure the European bioproduction ecosystems, we have chosen to position the different stakeholders on this value chain:

Bio-resources and biobanking
  • Cells, tissues and humanized xeno-organs
  • Biosamples
  • Viral, phage or bacterial specimen
Identification of biotherapies
  • Target identification
  • Target validation
  • Screening
Drug design
  • Drug assessment
  • Drug engineering
  • In vitro preclinical studies
Clinical validation
  • Clinical trials
  • In vivo preclinical validation
  • Pre-industrial scale production
  • Upstream processes
  • Downstream processes
  • Quality control
Market access
  • CE mark / market authorisation
  • Payment / Reimbursement
  • Care pathways

What is COBIOE ?

We help you build the bridges between the public and private sectors, research and production, industries and innovators, to guarantee a better access to innovative biotherapies for European citizens.

You are a start-up, company, research center


You are an ecosystem of innovation, an institution


You are a European citizen


COBIOE Solutions

Discover our solutions to unlock a realm of connections, insights,
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Business pioneering

Explore a comprehensive mapping of the European bioproduction stakeholders with our advanced Interactive Map.

Gain insights into the entire value chain and access geolocated information about key players. Discover new partners and potential collaborators across Europe effortlessly.


Collaboration Hub

Forge meaningful collaborations through our powerful matchmaking feature.

Connect with like-minded innovators, researchers, and corporations to amplify your impact and drive bioproduction projects forward. Fuel your success through strategic partnerships.


Enhanced Visibility

Position your organization seamlessly within the European bioproduction Value Chain. Benefit from the Geolocated Map to showcase your expertise, projects, and initiatives.

Boost your visibility and make meaningful connections within the ecosystem.


Competitive Intelligence

Stay informed with our Competitive Intelligence area. Search by keywords or tags to access vital industry information and trends.

Create alerts to receive real-time updates that empower you to make informed decisions.


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